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      for Auto

      Know what moves people to buy cars, and build stronger connections between them and your dealers.

      We support the needs of every marketer

      • sales_2_400x400

        Sales: Drive vehicle sales with existing customers and in-market prospects.

      • service_2_400x400

        Service & Accessories: Promote dealers’ service and accessory sales based on location and spending.

      • dealer_support_2_400x400

        Dealer Support: Grow dealers’ loyalty by enhancing their marketing efforts.

      • recalls_2_400x400

        Recalls: Facilitate recalls with online and mobile messages to owners and orphaned VINs.

      Get the latest insights on Auto

      Goals we'll help you reach

      • Increase dealer sales

      • Maintain owner loyalty

      • Drive dealer repairs & maintenance

      • Maximize your marketing spend

      Drive Sales Conquesting

      The partnership between manufacturers and dealers is critical to driving sales. We’ll help you align the stars with media that’s personalized by consumers’ real-time behavior and dealer-level activity. Reach car owners based on OEMs and vehicle purchases, and build awareness to earn new test drives and sales.


      Bring Service Orders to Your Dealers

      Retaining service business after car sales is critical to your dealers’ profitability. We’ll help them reach car owners seeking service and accessories from independent locations and your competitors. Relevant, personalized offers will remind them why they made the right choice, and keep them coming back—growing loyalty for your brand as well as the dealer.


      Optimize Dealership Marketing

      Enhance your dealers’ marketing campaigns, sales events and seasonal activities. We’ll help you build cohesive experiences online and offline, personalized and integrated with dealers’ email and direct mail strategies. You’ll maintain customers’ connections with your brand amid dealership relocations and closings.


      How we're different

      • Longer, More Accurate Connections

        Identify people who are in-market to buy cars, and reach them for years across all their devices and channels, throughout the customer lifecycle.

      • Better Conversations Across Channels

        Find customers online to continue email and direct mail conversations, and personalize based on their local dealers and auto-buying criteria (including make, model and body style).

      • More Transparent Measurement

        Get full visibility into your campaign’s performance, including dealer-level reach and cross-device analysis and reporting.

      Our Solutions by the Numbers

      With leading-edge identity-management technology, industrial-strength data science and deep brand intelligence, we enable marketers to make every interaction count.

      • Personas
        200M+ real people you can message online today

      • Reach
        80% of people stay reachable after two years

      • Profile Attributes
        7,000+ online and offline profile attributes

      • Profile Match
        96% accuracy at matching people to their devices

      • Auto_consumers_large
        Unrivaled real-time understanding of your auto owners

      Ready to take our smarter, more efficient marketing solutions for a test drive?

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