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Whether your goal is to boost movie ticket sales, attract and retain new TV viewers, or grow your sports league audience, Conversant will help you reach these goal by helping you create personalized connections with the right prospects and customers at the right time.

If you’re a movie marketer, we can help you drive verified ticket buyers to the theater with the power of box office data. We’ll help you select the ideal movie ticket buyers from millions of people based on 7,000+ profile attributes, including title-level and theater-level purchases, TV viewership and online browsing.

Then, we will help you deliver the most relevant message, every time. Moviegoers want seamless, consistent interactions with you. They also want you to speak to them based on who they are and what they like. We’ll help you reach every moviegoer across their mobile, tablet and desktop devices with calibrated, person-level frequency. You’ll send personal, purposeful messages to moviegoers at the moments they’re most likely to react, on the devices they prefer.

If your goal is to drive tune-in for TV, we offer the industry’s only identity solution that lets you reach TV viewers across all their devices—seamlessly and accurately. We’ll help you build audiences based on the real-time, online and offline data of millions of TV viewers. Armed with this information, you’ll run efficient, performance-based campaigns that deliver unique and personalized messages to each person. We’ll help you retain and grow relationships with your best viewers, reach prospects with similar profiles, and build bigger, stronger audiences than ever before.

For marketers looking to connect with and grow sports audiences, Conversant can help you identify prospects that look like your best customers from among millions of people based on thousands of different attributes (e.g. where they live, what sports they play, what teams they like, what games they have attended, what gear they have purchased, etc.). Armed with this insight, you can send personalized messages to each customer promoting a sport, team or event they are likely to be interested in.