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Your competitive edge depends on the experience you deliver to your customers. With customer expectations at an all time high, you need the ability to deliver personalized, relevant messages anytime, anywhere and across any device and channel. With Conversant, you can identify the right shoppers from among 200+ real people, understand their preferences and behavior based on over 7,000 attributes, and then deliver highly personalized and timely messages that delight shoppers and drive revenue.

Our solution starts with matching your online and offline customer data to Conversant’s millions of privacy-protected profiles with industry-leading accuracy and persistence. We see the digital activities of your customers across cookies and devices—where they shop, what they buy, how they behave, and more—so you’ll have the most relevant conversations based on their interests.

Each consumer profile combines the best of your data (including purchases, loyalty program activity, catalog responses, product searches, store preferences and licensed third-party data) with our proprietary intelligence (including online and offline transactions, location-based data, video views, web browsing, ad interactions, life events and product interests). Consumer actions across our millions of profiles drive 1B+ model updates every five minutes, ensuring that you have the most relevant, real-time conversations to deepen your customer relationships and achieve your performance goals.

With closed-loop measurement, you’ll get a full view of the impact of your marketing spend, across both online and offline purchases. With full visibility into which efforts are delivering the greatest return on spend, you can dial campaign efforts up or down to maximize outcomes. Our personalized advertising drives an average 10x incremental return on ad spend (iROAS).