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      Intelligence Solutions

      Mesobase: A marketing & analytics platform unlike anything else

      Introducing the first customer and prospect relationship management (CPRM) platform

      Increase your marketing efficiency, efficacy and reach. Get unprecedented access to your customers and prospects, including their activity with you and across the web. Within the Mesobase? platform, each consumer’s complete online and offline lives are seamlessly aligned into a single, privacy-protected identity.

      Key benefits

      Create human connections that last a lifetime


      Identify each customer and prospect

      Within the industry’s first customer and prospect relationship management (CPRM) platform, you’ll have a comprehensive view of all your customers and prospects, across each person’s online and offline behavior. You’ll identify them across devices and channels, and follow their entire customer journeys.


      Ensure accurate, persistent identities

      With an ongoing, people-centric approach to identifying 200+ million real people across all their points of contact, verified by transactions, you’ll benefit from an extraordinary 96%+ matching accuracy. And with stable, persistent connections, after 24 months you’ll still be connecting with 80% of your customers.


      Gain deep, actionable insights

      Robust profiles continuously update across 7,000+ privacy-protected attributes. You’ll understand customers and prospects based on years of their purchases, web activity, offline activity, demographic data, locations, video views, emails, survey responses and beyond, including information on your prospects that you previously couldn't access. And it all connects to a single ID, so you’ll make smarter decisions about how to interact with them.


      Get full transparency into data & media buys

      With massive amounts of granular data at your fingertips, you'll verify performance, build audiences, personalize your conversation with each individual and activate your marketing across any channel, offline or online. And you’ll measure attribution with stability like never before.


      80% match rate
      Over 90 days, we continuously matched to 80% of our client's audience (that's 100% higher than their previous vendor).
      7% increase in site conversions
      We helped our client increase their site conversions by 7% through more personal, personalized messaging to their customers and prospects.
      30% cost reduction
      By eliminating waste, we reduced our client's multichannel media costs by 30%.
      83% of conversions observed
      We observed 83% of conversions that were previously hidden (because they happened offline or on different devices), helping improve our client's attribution.

      “As an anonymous yet fully transparent platform, Mesobase is a key tool that we believe will enable our data science and marketing teams to transform the way Signet approaches its Customer First strategy.”

      -Todd Birchenough, SVP of Retail Analytics, Signet Jewelers

      Start reaching your business goals with our tech and expertise. Contact us

      The Mesobase? platform unifies person-level data across channels in real time, driving strong performance with maximum efficiency. Each consumer’s complete online and offline lives are seamlessly aligned into a single, privacy-protected identity, making it the first customer and prospect relationship management (CPRM) platform.

      Analyze, activate and measure your customers and prospects across all channels with Mesobase. Easily build and measure audiences with a self-service marketing tool. Gain full control and transparency of customer data with a suite of powerful analytics tools. Activate audiences across any first- or third-party channel, offline or online. Measure the performance of multichannel marketing campaigns using person-level attribution and overlap reporting.

      With everything Mesobase can offer, we’ll help you reach goals such as:

      • Higher conversion rates via more accurate connections and more personalized messaging
      • More new customers via increased reach to qualified people
      • Improved efficiency by eliminating media waste and audience overlap