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      Our Approach
      Reach every goal with CORE:
      the Conversant One-to-one Relationship Engine.

      Recognition & Reach
      Connect with consumers like never before

      Our solution starts with recognizing millions of real people across all their devices and browsers, and assigning each of them a unique, privacy-protected CORE ID.

      Because the IDs are built from anonymized purchase data from 4,300 brands, they’re far more accurate than ones built from cookies or devices. And they continue to strengthen as we observe 200+ billion online interactions daily.

      With these lifetime connections to millions, your conversations never miss a beat.

      And you’ll reach every customer’s (average 6) devices and browsers with unprecedented 96% accuracy, dwarfing the industry average of just 50%.

      Individualized Profiles
      Have complete, real-time knowledge of everyone

      Our CORE Profiles are built across more than 7,000 dimensions—including each individual’s purchases (online & offline), GPS locations, video views, web browsing, ad interactions, life events and product interests.

      As more real-time data is absorbed, the more we understand each consumer’s preferences, how they act and how they’ll respond in the future.

      With access to these profiles—the most comprehensive ever built—you’ll know your customers better than ever before. You’ll anticipate their next purchases and grow your relationship with them every time you connect.

      Decisioning & Delivery
      Deliver the most relevant message, every time

      Every day, we make more than a trillion real-time decisions—across media placement, product shots, layouts, headlines, colors, offers, calls to action and beyond—allowing for nearly infinite variations of your messages.

      This CORE Decisioning allows you to make your marketing strategy unique for every single person you reach. You’ll know exactly whom to connect with and on which device and format, across 1.1 million websites and 173,000+ mobile apps. And you’ll deliver the most relevant, personalized messages, based on the freshest real-time data.

      With our holistic approach to ad quality, you'll be confident that each message is viewable and delivered to a real person (not a bot), and appears next to brand-safe content.

      Measurement & Insights
      See the power of your performance

      Your marketing dollars will be spent wisely, as our self-learning machines continuously observe and improve on your performance—making intelligent real-time decisions about when to deliver an impression and when to hold back.

      You’ll finally achieve Conversant ROMISM  (return on marketing investment), an outcome that occurs only when you use our solution, driving maximal revenue with efficient spend. 

      And with CORE Insights’ transparent, closed-loop measurement, you'll see your incremental return on investment, from direct sales to offline sales and their overlaps. You’ll understand your performance by channel, location, device, audience and creative, and by person-level insights including how your customers index across the total population.